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Hey sweet friend! Jen here!

Here is the deal... being a hair and makeup artist, makeup is my passion. The more research I did, the more I liked what I saw! It really just came at the perfect time.

If you are already sharing things you love in the beauty and nutrition space - this is the PERFECT opportunity for you and side hustle!

Ps- You do NOT have to be a "social media influencer" to be successful at farmasi. You need to have drive and passion to give others confidence and the heart to see others lives changed!

ALSO - farmasi just had their first ever US convention and they announced some amazing additions!! more on that below!

I get asked a lot is it different here? The answer is YES.

Any social selling position takes work.... but it is SO worth it when you align yourself with the right company.


"FARMASI is an international leader in the Direct Sales industry for cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition. We are best known for our commitment to clean and safe beauty standards. With a highly competitive compensation plan, FARMASI offers a unique business opportunity where budding entrepreneurs can join our community of over four million Beauty Influencers across the globe and sell products to earn commissions.

Established in 24 countries and counting, FARMASI is one of the fastest growing Direct Sales companies, and continues to gain global recognition through our skincare line, Dr. C. Tuna, nutrition line, Nutriplus, and our cosmetics line, Farmasi, that’s taking the world by storm."

The Beauty Influencer Perks

What is a Beauty Influencer?

A FARMASi Beauty Influencer is the title of a person who is an official rep of the FARMASi brand and product. What are the basics of the business opportunity?

  • Low Cost Kit - $19.99- (FREE in Canada)

  • Affordable Luxury Products

  • EU Compliant Products

  • Product offerings in health, beauty and wellness

  • No Website Fees

  • Only $125.00 on product purchased every 6 months to keep your account activated

  • 50% personal Discount

  • 50% Commission on sales

  • Earn up to an additional 25% BONUS on personal and team sales right on sign up

  • 10 other ways to earn

  • Never Tested on Animals

Why Farmasi

1. Farmasi Is a global company.

  • Farmasi is currently ranked #30 as the largest direct sales company in the world.

  • Farmasi owns the largest integrated cosmetics facility in all of Europe (called Farmacity) and just recently invested 26 million dollars to grow their infrastructure in the United States.

2. The Compensation Plan.

I’ve have worked quite a few direct sales companies over the years and nothing even came close to Farmasi’s compensation plan, so needless to say that when I first read the Farmasi compensation plan I was completely in shock! The average direct sales company starts you out at 20% and does not make it easy to rank up.

  • With Farmasi you earn a whopping 50% commission on all sales. Yes, ALL sales! In other companies, you have to sell at least $1,500 worth of products before you even start earning 50%, and that is if 50% is even an option.

  • On top of that, you can earn additional personal bonuses of up to 25%.

  • Also available are group bonuses, leadership bonuses, rank up bonuses, car bonuses, trips to earn and more.

3. The Products.. There are no words, like seriously they are incredible!

  • The quality of the products, especially at their price point can’t be beat.

  • With 71+ years of experience, they have perfected their processes and formulas.

I have used almost every brand out there over the years, mostly high-end products that run at least 3x the price of Farmasi products. I'll be honest, I was so hesitant to even try Farmasi's products because I believed at their price point.. they could not be anything better than drugstore products BUT I was wrong.

The #1 question I get asked and I know you are thinking it, “How can Farmasi offer such high-quality products at a low price?”

Even though I am asked this all the time, it is a great question.

Remember the huge “Farmacity” cosmetics facility I mentioned above?

  • At Farmacity they manufacture every part of the product, the bottles, the label, and of course the product itself.

  • Every aspect of the manufacturing process is done in house and because of that, they do not have to outsource to middleman. This cuts out that markup. It also allows them to create products faster when there is demand since they are not waiting on a third party vendor.


Shakes AND Teas!

We are SO excited about these new Nutriplus products and expanding our nutrition line.

Tip- if you want to solely use this for affiliate marketing on your socials or blog, the profit margin is WAY higher than the usual 5%-20%!

Here is our President mentor Melissa! We have an incredible team of support and trainings to help guide you whatever your goals may be.

The Comp Plan

We allll want to learn WHY is this company great as far as compensation. I was impressed to say the least. You can win if you are a seller or a team builder. Whatever your goals are - YOU can do it here.

Check out this 8 min video about our opportunity plan!

Income disclosure

Farmasi Ranks

It's important to note you do not have to have a "leg" until Bronze Manager. That is AWESOME.

Active influencers by state in the US

Active 25% beauty influencers by state in the US

*When you get started you have the option of adding on product at an amazing value to get products in your hands to try and use! Here are the current add on product bundle options! (this is optional but an amazing way to get your hands on so many products.)

These have Amazing value and gets product in your hands for even less when you join at a deeper discount!

Need a split pay option to get a starter bundle? We got you!

Are you ready to be a part of something that fuels your passions and build an amazing side hustle? Click the link below to start!! NEW cash bonuses for new influencer's that join after Sep 1!

Message me on the chat button or on facebook if you have questions.

I look forward to helping you get started soon! Let's do this.

xoxo - Jen Russo

Need some time to look around?

join our product & opportunity group

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