Best DIY Amazon Lashes

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I know.... I have had quite the lash journey. BUT this is working GREAT and tried and tested. I am Very picky so I can assure you they will work and is super affordable.

I use our FARMASi Lash Art adhesive with these Amazon DIY segments!

1st things first. This takes some practice... but once you get it, you will be OBSESSED.

All 16mm

It is HARD to go back to strip lashes once you go DIY. Once you do your lashes to last over a week, it's so nice to skip that part of your routine and wake up with lashes on. Just does something for you mentally..... they need to do a study on this, Ha ha.


The brand is called FinyDreamy. I legit don't even care what they are called...they are GREAT.

They are soft and made of pbt fiber which is cruelty free. They are super lightweight so they feel great under your lashes. They are super comfortable, and trust me I tried a lot of lash brands.

They come in a tray and I will use 4-5 on one eye and sometimes for extra volume I will stack extra pieces underneath!

And thanks to taylor for telling me about these!! #amazon queen.

I recommend the fluffy, volume, or classic styles.

If you want to create different lash looks, you can try these lash maps below! I personally use all 16mm. LOL.

GUESS HOW MUCH THEY ARE?!!! $8.99. YES 8.99!!!!!!

They come in 4 length sizes. If you are new to DIY I would start

with the 12 mm and work your way up.

The trays come with one size, so you could get a couple if you want to mix sizes.


For the adhesive I use our FARMASi Lash Art adhesive! Works great and I do not ever have any issues with it with my eyes.


(FYI - I have not tried the amazon brand adhesive.)

A luxury LATEX FREE lash adhesive for a flawless look… This lash adhesive is formulated for long-lasting wear, dries clear.

A little goes a long way and you must only paint it UNDER your natural lashes and the TOP side of your diy segment!


Less is More

You do not need a lot of adhesive on the segment or under your natural lashes.

Do not apply them at night

This will give them time to fully set and not get smushed by your pillow.

Use makeup cloths or wipes around your lashes

Do not rub your lashes. Clean around them so they will last.

After an hour press them together with your Natural Lashes.

If they are a little sticky after an hour, put a little water on your fingers and press them. It helps!

Before applying wipe your natural lashes with witch hazel to remove any natural oils.

If you grab them let me know what you think!!

- Jen

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