farmasi is coming to the Dominican Republic!

Hey sweet friends! I wanted to share with you that FARMASi is growing to the Dominican Republic soon!

Currently we can grow into the USA, Canada, Mexico, and coming soon to DR!

If you are looking for the perfect side hustle that can become so much more, you found the right place.

Details below!

pic from our annual global gala

Are you currently in the Dominican Republic or know someone who is? There is a HUGE opportunity to be a founder there!




fill out here

All about FARMASi

"FARMASI is an international leader in the Direct Sales industry for cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition. We are best known for our commitment to clean and safe beauty standards. With a highly competitive compensation plan, FARMASI offers a unique business opportunity where budding entrepreneurs can join our community of over four million Beauty Influencers across the globe and sell products to earn lofty commissions.

Established in 24 countries and counting, FARMASI is one of the fastest growing Direct Sales companies, and continues to gain global recognition through our skincare line, Dr. C. Tuna, nutrition line, Nutriplus, and our cosmetics line, Farmasi, that’s taking the world by storm."

You would be joining the #1 team in the USA with incredible trainings and support. We are just getting started.

Check out my website here to browse our products! We have all european standard products and they are ALL affordable!

My website to browse- ​​Homepage - Farmasi (

I LOVE our makeup! Check out this video below on my favorites!

Makeup, Skincare, Hair Care, Nutrition, Home products, and more!

fill out the waitlist contact form to join us and chance to become a founder in the Dominican Republic!

If you are in the USA, Canada, or PR join here! -

Beauty Influencer (

reach out if you have any questions on the chat button!

xoxo - Jen Russo

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