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How to make a DIY Coffee Filter backdrop

It’s time to get crafty yall! I used to do things like this all the time….before twins. But here we are, and now I have built in help! LOL.

The Inspiration….

I was OBSESSED with the displays at Anthropologie. They were so creative and lovely. After searching some ideas I decided to go a DIY route with coffee filters.

I was wanting to create something to have on the wall behind my desk for some texture/color for videos ect, so I went to Target and put on my thinking cap. Who knew…that cap still works.

The Supplies

The base of the ombre flower back drop – Elmer’s Tri-Fold Foam Display Board

Coffee Filters

market pantry basket filters

I had to go back to get more…. BUT I probably needed 10 total. You do not have to do them as tightly together as I did too.

Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

I am sure you know this…. but don’t let your kiddos near this thing. lol.

Double Sided Tape for hanging

The Pink Paint

I got 3 pinks, but I ended up using the brightest one to show up well over the brown tone.

How to make the Backdrop

Seperate the coffee filters and simply bunch the bottom inch. It’s quicker to do a bunch at once and glue a line at a time. If you have willing kiddos, have them help you do this part!

Try to get the filters fairly close together and fan out. You can check and fill the gaps at the end too.

I broke this up into two days!

After you complete the board, lay it outside on some big trash bags and get your paint colors of choice ready!

I actually don’t want to recommend spraying, it was easier to gently “splash” areas y