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Hutch Beauty DIY Lashes

beauties, this gal loves some great DIY lashes!

I have followed Lauren for YEARS. I am alllll for an affordable option!

You get 3 sets of DIY lashes for $24-28 and the adhesive comes in black or clear for $7.50 and she has a New spoolie bond adhesive!

I will forever be a lash gal. I think once you enter the lash life, it just becomes a part of you!

Don't forget to use my special code "JEN10" to save 10%!

Meet - Hutch Beauty

Welcome to Hutch Beauty, Queen.

"My vision when creating HB was to be able to help all my queens be Boujee on a budget. I always loved the look of lashes and lash extensions but the price always held me back. Hutch Beauty lashes come in small clusters and apply underneath the natural lash! I know, crazy right. Each pair of lashes should last you up to 5-7 days of wear with proper application and care. Newbie? No worries, you got this. With a few step by step instructions and practice you'll be rocking the best lashes around town." - Lauren