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Hey friends! Let's dive into our collagens at FARMASi and WHY you need a daily collagen!


Here is the truth.... there's always been a debate about liquid or powder.

The reality is... it's a marketing tactic. I have seen it for years. You push what you have is "better"... but what is comes down to is your collagen is hydrolyzed. Period.

This means it's broken down so your body can absorb it. If it's liquid, it just has the base of a liquid and is pre-mixed. Shocking right?

Beauty Booster Collagen or Collagen Shots

First things first let's talk about the differences. I am SO glad we offer both!

Here is our product sheets that go into more detail.

The main thing here is the amount of grams of collagen per serving.

The powder has 10 grams per serving.

The liquid has 5.5 per serving.

They both have the same broken down hydrolyzed collagen in them which is key, vitamin C, & hyaluronic acid.

The differences are that the powder is unflavored and stevia free which gives it the ability to be mixed into literally anything. The shots are a cranberry flavor so they could be mixed or just refrigerated and be taken quickly.

It really just comes down to preference. They both are gmo free, type I & III bovine collagen, gmp, soy/dairy/nut/ & gluten free.

And heavy metal free.

The shots have 1 gram of sugar and 30 calories and the powder has 0 grams of sugar and 40 calories per serving.

The results

You are going to see similar results with both products. Plumper skin, softer wrinkles, and more glowing skin!

beauty booster collagen

beauty booster collagen

beauty shots

beauty booster powder - feb 1 - march 30th

I am LOVING our beauty booster collagen! I love to mix it with unsweet tea!

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