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Why Q Sciences, Why Now.

Hey sweet friends and Happy April! I hope you are staying safe and healthy out there. It's been a season of sickness around here. The twins first year in kindergarten year has not been kind to us. Ha ha.

I wanted to do a recap of how my time at Q Sciences has been and be SUPER transparent.

It's important for you to know (especially if you are looking at the opportunity) to hear first hand what I have experienced to make your own decision.

Also Skylar and Gabriel are getting so big!! Don't get me started... lol.

Two weeks after taking the leap of faith to come to Q, I went back for our Discover the Difference Event with Krista my business mentor! It was a BLAST. It really helps you soak it what a Company is all about. From beginning to end, it was packed with incredible trainings and releases with our Home Haven line.

Before the Event we had Bronze Academy which was TOP NOTCH. Top leaders shared their hearts and we had so much fun. I do not want to miss this part in August!

Krista and I and our CEO Marc.

In March we had an awesome Regional in Nashville! Yay! And they are coming back in May. Regional's are great because you can have your local team drive in and spend some time together! I have never had a company do things in Nashville so that is LIFE.

We have such a special community with our team! You will be welcomed and loved!

What President and owner last minute goes LIVE from Japan in your team event? NOBODY. Jake is amazing and such a top notch owner.

There are no "teams"... Jake has created a culture where even the highest paid earner is accessible and support starts at the top.


Let's talk about my results with our Q products!

I mean... come on. Thank JESUS for Q for helping me put my health first.

My daily routine

(The non Q lemon balm is from sprouts)

Hot tip- Lemon Balm is in our Calm Twist (non hemp version!)

Core - Calm - BRU - Chill - Greens are LIFE.

The comp plan

Don't get me started sis.... it is LEGIT.

People are WINNING. And having incredible growth on so many levels. In April our team rose to SILVER status and was the only new Silver team. HOLLA.

5 minute overview here--

I know what we have here is so special. It's been such a different opportunity for me and I know it can bless so many people. Whether you need to take a journey with your health or need an additional stream of income, I am here to help!

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